Banking and Financial Services

The strong effects of technology are very visible in the Banking and Finance Industries. The rapid progress in the information and communication technology has drastically reduced the cost of providing financial services. Today’s global financial situation has made the businesses to strongly focus on controlling operational costs, mange regulatory compliance and enhance customer satisfaction.

360BP recognizes that today’s environment requires innovative services that need to be conceived and delivered quickly in a very cost efficient way. The fast pace of changes in business and technology drives us to continuously develop new result oriented strategies for the financial services.
360BP helps our clients to stay in the top of technology innovations and progress and focus on their core business.


The Healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid change with the focus firmly on improving the quality of care delivered.  The healthcare system is challenged with excessive administrative expenses, inefficiencies and inflated prices. This results in very high healthcare costs for the patients and for the providers. It has become more difficult for providers to receive accurate and timely reimbursement.

360BP holds the knowledge, experience and tools to offer a complete solution covering the entire customer life cycle of the organization.


It is critical that insurance companies do a thorough overhaul of their underlying information technology applications to be able to compete and grow in the future. 360BP helps property & casualty and life insurers improve their performance. We use our experience, extensive capability and commitment to help them plan and implement necessary business and operational changes. We offer guidance and expertise on new approaches to covering corporate risks, investment management and global business strategy.


Manufacturing companies must move fast towards a globally integrated business model. It is of importance for a company, regardless of their size, to have a sales and marketing arm to ensure that there is a healthy relationship between their company and their partners. In the manufacturing industry their finance & accounting, sales and marketing processes require a certain characteristic that would allow them to make sound judgments and they turn to third parties to lessen the pressure on participating key personnel. 360BP helps manufacturing enterprises leverage strategies for competing better in global marketplace.